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Our Research

  • Theoretical cryptography
  • Design and analysis of cryptographic protocols
  • Complexity Theory

Head of Chair

Prof. Dr. Kiltz, Eike Container N-Süd OG/38 25513

Team Assistant

Krause, Anja Container N-Süd OG/37 27701

Academic Staff

Dr. Schäge, Sven Container N-Süd R 40 19140
Hövelmanns, Kathrin Container N-Süd OG/33 27724
Hartmann, Dominik Container N-Süd OG/43 19143
Duman, Julien Container N-Süd OG/36 19136
Riepel, Doreen Container N-Süd OG/33 27724
Hauck, Eduard Container N-Süd OG/35 23263
Ralph Container N-Süd


Dr. Heuer, Felix
Dr. Giacon, Federico
Dr. Loss, Julian
Dr. Auerbach, Benedikt
Dr. Masny, Daniel
Dr. Pan, Jiaxin
Dr. Poettering, Bertram
Dr. Kakvi, Saqib
Dr. Azzura Marson, Giorgia
Dr. Rührmair, Ulrich Container Süd-R53
Dr. Fersch, Manuel