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Our Research

  • Theoretical cryptography
  • Design and analysis of cryptographic protocols
  • Complexity Theory

Head of Chair

Prof. Dr. Kiltz, Eike Container N-Süd OG/38 25513

Team Assistant

Krause, Anja Container N-Süd OG/37 27701

Academic Staff

Dr. Schäge, Sven Container N-Süd R 20 19140
Auerbach, Benedikt Container N-Süd OG/34 23264
Giacon, Federico Container N-Süd OG/34 23264
Hövelmanns, Kathrin Container N-Süd OG/33 27724
Riepel, Doreen Container N-Süd OG/33 27724
Loss, Julian Container N-Süd OG/35 23263
Hauck, Eduard Container N-Süd OG/35 23263
Ralph Container N-Süd


Dr. Heuer, Felix
Dr. Masny, Daniel
Dr. Pan, Jiaxin
Dr. Poettering, Bertram
Dr. Kakvi, Saqib
Dr. Azzura Marson, Giorgia
Dr. Rührmair, Ulrich Container Süd-R53
Fersch, Manuel